Tamed by a Laird

By Amanda Scott – Forever Hatchette Book Group

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 I really liked reading this book. Historical fiction has always been my passion and Amanda Scott did not let me down. She obviously conducted quite a bit of research into the period and the setting. The story, albeit fiction, was realistic because of her diligence to keeping facts intact and her attention to detail. I enjoyed the storyline very much as well. The hero and heroine were well developed and unique and I found myself within the pages of the book fully envisioning each character and setting. I want to know more about Jenny and Hugo and their escapades, and cannot wait to read the sequel to this story.  For that matter, I may read the book again because I found it quite enjoyable.


Reading Material

Okay, I think I need to step off from romance stories for a while. They are too much alike. I have a non-fiction book to read and as soon as I am done, I will post a review.

Title: Love Will Bloom

Author: Eliza Knight

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

Buy Link: www.wildrosepress.com

Sometimes, a book is fun to read even though you know the ending. Love Will Bloom is a romance so you know the boy gets the girl. The fun part is the journey they take to get there. This is a sweet little story about an American girl who goes from the cream of the crop to being looked upon as lower class by her aristocratic British relatives. The love she finds is not the one she expects and the lies told are all set right. It is a fun little story and required no real effort to read.

Title: The Magic of Moonlight

Author: Fiona Neal        

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Buy Link: www.wildrosepress.com

Although I knew what the ending would be, I really enjoyed reading The Magic of Moonlight. It was a fun little read. The only problem I had was the use of the fortuneteller in the story, as it seemed quite random. Where does she fit in the story? Fiona Neal has a good story but a few details need to be flushed out and perhaps turn this into a full novel. She did a good job clarifying the main characters as they were but they remained a bit flat. I would have loved to read more and had a bit more flushed out conflict. Although there were some issues, I really did enjoy reading the book.