Dragons of Hazlett

Author: Michelle Scott

Publisher: Mundania Press

Buy Link: www.mundania.com

The title of this ebook, Dragons of Hazlett, made me think it was about dragons – it wasn’t. However, the author used the title as a play on words that I did not discover until I reached the last couple of chapters. That said, I enjoyed reading Ms. Scott’s story. The main character was well developed but I did wonder more about her home life. The story was nicely predictable and threw out a few changes to the story. The romance takes a back seat to the story, which I really liked. I knew the two would develop a relationship but it Scott did not throw it in my face at every turn. The story was more important than the romance, which was relegated to a feeling throughout. She did not tell me the characters were falling in love. The addition of historical twists, such as the change of pagan beliefs for Christianity and the development of “modern” mechanical tools was unique. I liked the way she displayed heresy and blasphemy in a nontraditional manner. The author did a wonderful job of turning the story to more of a fractured-tale than traditional.


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