Her Wolf: The Westervelt Wolves Book 1 by Rebecca Royce

 Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

Buy Link: http://LSbooks.com

Her Wolf had an interesting beginning with a mentally unstable person talking to herself and a wolf housed in a zoo exhibit. From there the adventure began. I enjoyed reading this book for numerous reasons. The author introduced the main characters immediately and got right down to the story. I really enjoyed the fact that the author, Rebecca Royce, used the love story as fuel to the story but not necessarily the only focal point. Since this is book one in the series she established the roles of each character and allowed for an ending to the book but not the story. I also look forward to reading a bit more about the family pack and their plans to reestablish themselves off the coast of Maine. I hope the author writes more about Maine and why the inhabitants of the pack chose the island of Westervelt to make their home. It is too bad she did not choose one of the real uninhabited islands off the coast of Maine, such as Pond Island, for the setting. A prequel would be great as well. I am excited for this author and for the story of the Westervelt Wolf pack.


Southern Man by Connie Chastain

Publisher: Brasstown Books

Buy Link: http://www.brasstownbooks.com

Connie Chastain has written a sensitive, though provoking, emotional, Christian love story between a man and his wife. She was able to make it very realistic in the sense that we are all human and prone to human needs and desires as well as weaknesses of faith and self-esteem. Characters were well developed and each was given a past for understanding and a final outcome of their decisions. The conflicts within the story were realistic and pertinent in relation to society as it stands. The author became a little overbearing on the Christian message and at times it distracted me as I read. Although I agree with Chastain, portion regarding gun control felt heavy-handed and did not feel pertinent to the storyline. It was not an effective segue to the next portion of the story.


Amazingly, the story was heartening for Christian readers to feel more at ease with a traditional lifestyles and comfortable with God-centered decisions. She was able to write sexy love scenes between Troy and Patty without being a prude but without being graphic as well. I enjoyed reading a story that focused the moral messages of monogamy, truth, and trust in family, friends, and God. Overall I enjoyed reading this book very much. Although there were less than four hundred pages the story was complete. I would read more of her books.



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I really wanted to like this book because I have always enjoyed reading about ancient gods and goddesses. Unfortunately, I did not really like it as much as I had hoped. The beginning was a bit choppy for me as I had to reset my mind a bit to remove my preconceived ideas about the gods mentioned in this book.  The first chapter felt a bit disjointed to me. I rarely continue reading after the second chapter if by then a book does not catch my attention.  Once I read past the first chapter I began to get into the groove of this story of opposites attracting and fighting that attraction until having to give in.


The story was a great idea but it fell a little flat for me. The sex scenes were good, not as racy as I was expecting, but still worth a bit of heavy breathing. I think if the author could have added a bit more to the beginning to describe the turmoil of all characters involved, as well as a few more dirty tricks by the bystanders to make the struggle more intense, I would have enjoyed it much more. I would like to read more detail about the characters. As this was the first book of Sailors’ I have read, it seemed to take for granted I knew the characters and their pasts much more than I did. It just did not leave me wanting to read all night, I felt like I had to finish it because I wanted to begin a different book.


Longfellow Seduced by Violet Summers

Publisher: LooseID

Buy Link: http://www.loose-id.com

 Oh my. Where do I start? The authors must have known of my obsession with the Scot brogue and my, how should I say it, well, fetish for vampires. The authors, Sierra Summers and Violet Johnson, seemed to be writing just for me. Rock stars, strong warrior women, Scots, a bit of evil, and of course some graphic love scenes. This is not a book for faint of heart nor is if for your husband, unless you want him to learn a few things about what turns you on. Goodness! I really liked the story, obviously, but there were a couple of things that niggled me as I read. There were some typos, words left out; minor stuff that bugged the OCD in me, and the way in which they had the main character speak when he was aroused. I understand he was an “old” vampire and the more guttural speech was what the authors were looking for, but after hundreds of years you would think he could add a personal pronoun in a sentence or two. That being said, I had to remember to breathe a bit here and there when the more passionate scenes were being described. Lovely tail, er, tale. Thanks ladies. Whew!

Grim and Grimmer: Dark Tales for Dark Times

Edited by Adrienne Jones & Pete S. Allen

Publisher: A Mundania Press Production

Buy Link: www.mundania.com

When I read the description of the book I was hooked. I love fractured tales, or fables and fairy tales that have been altered, and I thought this would be a great read. The editors compiled stories written by numerous authors who retold these stories of old in a new manner. Some were socioeconomically based on haves and have not’s, while others had twisted the stories to meet modern day. Although each story was interesting to read none really made me smirk, grin, laugh, of shudder. In fact, I had to force myself to keep reading each story as I became more disheartened with each story. I believe I would not have felt this way if I had read the book in smaller increments. I think that the stories could even be used in an educational setting to teach high school or collegiate level students about fractured tales (literature) or socioeconomic issues in our world today. They could be used as a commentary on life but not ready for entertainment. I had high hopes for enjoying the stories contained within the eye-catching cover but think that the cover was the most enjoyable part of the book.

Alex: Prisoners of Desire, Book One

Author: Monica Robinson

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

Buy Link: www.wildrosepress.com

 I really enjoyed reading this book. I could not put it down. Monica Robinson’s Alex: Prisoners of Desire was fun and intriguing to read. I was hooked in the first chapter and could not stop reading. The characters; hookers, drug addicts, beauty pageant contestants, and spoiled little rich girls, were interesting and real (honestly) and I found myself fully invested in their lives and outcomes. The “convicts” became people as I read and the author was able to make me want to know more about them. I was able to feel empathy for them as I read about their individual situations. Robinson’s book is really well written and developed and I am ready for book two!