Grim and Grimmer: Dark Tales for Dark Times

Edited by Adrienne Jones & Pete S. Allen

Publisher: A Mundania Press Production

Buy Link:

When I read the description of the book I was hooked. I love fractured tales, or fables and fairy tales that have been altered, and I thought this would be a great read. The editors compiled stories written by numerous authors who retold these stories of old in a new manner. Some were socioeconomically based on haves and have not’s, while others had twisted the stories to meet modern day. Although each story was interesting to read none really made me smirk, grin, laugh, of shudder. In fact, I had to force myself to keep reading each story as I became more disheartened with each story. I believe I would not have felt this way if I had read the book in smaller increments. I think that the stories could even be used in an educational setting to teach high school or collegiate level students about fractured tales (literature) or socioeconomic issues in our world today. They could be used as a commentary on life but not ready for entertainment. I had high hopes for enjoying the stories contained within the eye-catching cover but think that the cover was the most enjoyable part of the book.


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