Her Wolf: The Westervelt Wolves Book 1 by Rebecca Royce

 Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

Buy Link: http://LSbooks.com

Her Wolf had an interesting beginning with a mentally unstable person talking to herself and a wolf housed in a zoo exhibit. From there the adventure began. I enjoyed reading this book for numerous reasons. The author introduced the main characters immediately and got right down to the story. I really enjoyed the fact that the author, Rebecca Royce, used the love story as fuel to the story but not necessarily the only focal point. Since this is book one in the series she established the roles of each character and allowed for an ending to the book but not the story. I also look forward to reading a bit more about the family pack and their plans to reestablish themselves off the coast of Maine. I hope the author writes more about Maine and why the inhabitants of the pack chose the island of Westervelt to make their home. It is too bad she did not choose one of the real uninhabited islands off the coast of Maine, such as Pond Island, for the setting. A prequel would be great as well. I am excited for this author and for the story of the Westervelt Wolf pack.


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