Longfellow Seduced by Violet Summers

Publisher: LooseID

Buy Link: http://www.loose-id.com

 Oh my. Where do I start? The authors must have known of my obsession with the Scot brogue and my, how should I say it, well, fetish for vampires. The authors, Sierra Summers and Violet Johnson, seemed to be writing just for me. Rock stars, strong warrior women, Scots, a bit of evil, and of course some graphic love scenes. This is not a book for faint of heart nor is if for your husband, unless you want him to learn a few things about what turns you on. Goodness! I really liked the story, obviously, but there were a couple of things that niggled me as I read. There were some typos, words left out; minor stuff that bugged the OCD in me, and the way in which they had the main character speak when he was aroused. I understand he was an “old” vampire and the more guttural speech was what the authors were looking for, but after hundreds of years you would think he could add a personal pronoun in a sentence or two. That being said, I had to remember to breathe a bit here and there when the more passionate scenes were being described. Lovely tail, er, tale. Thanks ladies. Whew!


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