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I really wanted to like this book because I have always enjoyed reading about ancient gods and goddesses. Unfortunately, I did not really like it as much as I had hoped. The beginning was a bit choppy for me as I had to reset my mind a bit to remove my preconceived ideas about the gods mentioned in this book.  The first chapter felt a bit disjointed to me. I rarely continue reading after the second chapter if by then a book does not catch my attention.  Once I read past the first chapter I began to get into the groove of this story of opposites attracting and fighting that attraction until having to give in.


The story was a great idea but it fell a little flat for me. The sex scenes were good, not as racy as I was expecting, but still worth a bit of heavy breathing. I think if the author could have added a bit more to the beginning to describe the turmoil of all characters involved, as well as a few more dirty tricks by the bystanders to make the struggle more intense, I would have enjoyed it much more. I would like to read more detail about the characters. As this was the first book of Sailors’ I have read, it seemed to take for granted I knew the characters and their pasts much more than I did. It just did not leave me wanting to read all night, I felt like I had to finish it because I wanted to begin a different book.



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