Southern Man by Connie Chastain

Publisher: Brasstown Books

Buy Link:

Connie Chastain has written a sensitive, though provoking, emotional, Christian love story between a man and his wife. She was able to make it very realistic in the sense that we are all human and prone to human needs and desires as well as weaknesses of faith and self-esteem. Characters were well developed and each was given a past for understanding and a final outcome of their decisions. The conflicts within the story were realistic and pertinent in relation to society as it stands. The author became a little overbearing on the Christian message and at times it distracted me as I read. Although I agree with Chastain, portion regarding gun control felt heavy-handed and did not feel pertinent to the storyline. It was not an effective segue to the next portion of the story.


Amazingly, the story was heartening for Christian readers to feel more at ease with a traditional lifestyles and comfortable with God-centered decisions. She was able to write sexy love scenes between Troy and Patty without being a prude but without being graphic as well. I enjoyed reading a story that focused the moral messages of monogamy, truth, and trust in family, friends, and God. Overall I enjoyed reading this book very much. Although there were less than four hundred pages the story was complete. I would read more of her books.


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