Last Ride on the Merry-Go-Round (sequel to Redemption)

Author: Judith Rochelle

Publisher: The Wild Rose Buy


I enjoyed reading the Last Ride on the Merry-Go-Round so much that I wish I had read Redemption first. Judith Rochelle captured my attention in the very first paragraph of her book. The intrigue, intensity, and action were introduced quickly into the story line and there was little waiting in between each piece of action. The author did not use gratuitous violence or sex to fill the pages, her story flowed from one scene to the next and was interesting as she introduced new characters into the story line. I felt this was a worthwhile read and will read the first in the series.



Author: Rick Giernoth

Publisher: Champagne Books

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 This was a difficult book for me to begin, which I did numerous times. I have a hard time reading a book if the first chapter does not catch my interest immediately and this one didn’t. The main character, Jack, comes across whiney and paranoid instead of a serious journalist. I am not certain the author intended for his character to be perceived in this manner or not but I found it to be annoying. The paranoid thoughts of this character along with the lack of dialog in the beginning made it difficult for me to stay focused on the story.

There were many redundant sentences, for example: “The doctor’s wife, seeing her husband fall, ran to his side weeping. She held him for the last time. The agent saw the grief on her face and ended her suffering. He shot Lamb’s wife. She never looked away from her husband and took the shot to the side of her head. She fell on top of the doctor, locked in a gruesome embrace.” Completely unnecessary information in this paragraph.

Also, the relationship between the main character and his girlfriend, Kate, appeared to be superficial as she was only mentioned once briefly in the beginning of the story. Not once did the author integrate her into the story so that you could understand the loss Jack felt when she was murdered. It is hard to feel empathy or sympathy. The use of technology attempted to be slick but also fell flat; it felt as though the data was interjected for reader to assume both sides were high tech. The characters and the story came across as being very cliché. Each time I felt interest a scene would take place that was flat or predictable. Perhaps this was not the author’s genre. The ending did not leave me thinking the story had ended, I was not satisfied with any portion of the story because none of the characters became real to me. I was not interested in their cause or them personally.

The Seeking Kiss

Author: Eden Bradley

Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

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A very nice little novella. If you like quick and easy vampire stories, you’ll love this one.  The story of a lost and lonely young woman who finds her place amongst vampires. As with many vampire stories there is intrigue, sensuality, and raw sex. It is not a difficult or strenuous read. I enjoyed the author’s take on how individuals become vampires. It is humane and completely voluntary. The Seeking Kiss is the entrance into their world but some never make it past this step. Nissa found love and acceptance within a family and she found her place in life, so to speak.

Where I Have Been …. Where Have I Been?

I been busy! LOL! Actually, in between reading books I write as well … oh yeah, I have a job as well and a family. November was very hectic! Daughter contracted H1N1 so I was home with her for a week, I had a conference to attend and present at, and I was writing a novel for the National Novel Writing Month contest. I wrote over 50,000 words! I hadn’t posted the info because in December I have already had surgery and am supposed to be recouperating.

Wolfe by Skyla Dawn Cameron

Publisher: Mundania Press

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 I was immediately put off by the author’s dedication where she states that she would not have finished this book because she hates it. It made me dread going on because if the author hates her own work then where does that leave the reader?

 The first couple of chapters were a bit droll and it felt as if the author was not taking the story seriously. As a result, I struggled to take the book seriously and did not become invested until the end of the third chapter. Even though I became interested in the story of the young she-wolf and her pack, the story was quite predictable. Once she was identified and removed from her pack, the mysterious way her friends behaved, the “camp” for others like herself, and the lie that caused it all were unsurprising.

 The author, Skyla Dawn Cameron, is a talented writer; however, I felt that I could not take the book as sincerely as perhaps she had intended because of her dedication. I was predisposed to think this was not going to be her best effort. Perhaps she meant it tongue in cheek but it left me, as a new reader, disinterested before I began and struggling to get involved in her characters. Perhaps a little more emoting on the characters behalf and a more heaviness of character would have drawn me in. I would give the author another try because I believe she is capable of a better story.

 I was also distracted by the numerous typos throughout the story. Perhaps the editor as well did not take the piece very serious.