Cold Wind in August

Author: Pat Cromwell
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
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I enjoyed reading Cold Wind in August: Urban Wars 2. The story was fairly simplistic and had good potential. I felt it was a good story over-all but had a few problems. For example: the sentence structure is odd in places, “The same applied to the torrential spray of emotions that coursed through every crevice of his body then and now.” The “then and now” just seems off, perhaps “now as it did then” would have felt more ‘right.’ It is the second time on the same page I had to re-read a sentence to make certain I had read it correctly due to the verbiage choice. Also, the characters were not quite together. The brother’s waffling on murdering his sister were not explained well, perhaps if the author had added more to the anguish he felt at the thought of taking his only sister’s life and a little suspense as to what was to come. There was an opportunity to play the siblings off of each other to build more tension. I liked the twist at the end as to who died and who lived. The author left the story in such a way she could have an Urban Wars 3.


Dark Water

Author: Jenni Holbrook
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
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I really liked this book. The author, Jenni Holbrrok, wrote an interesting and compelling story. This is book two in the New York State Trooper series. I did not read the first book but felt it completely unnecessary. Book two was complete and self explanatory as the author introduced the main characters and gave a glimpse of who they were before this story. I found myself pulled into the story and felt completely vested in the outcome. Truly, a good book to read. This is not the typical love story nor is it the typical mystery. The characters are well rounded and interesting and I found myself drawn in and interested in them as people, not just the characters within a book. I hope the author decides to write another in this series as I’d like to see where the characters end up.

Dispel the Mist

Author: Marilyn Meredith
Publisher: Mundania Press
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I attempted to read this book a few times before actually sitting down and telling myself, “just do it.” The book did not immediately pull me in because I felt that the author gave too much of an introduction but once I started reading I forgot all about the intro. It wasn’t necessary to understand or enjoy the story. It was an enjoyable read but I did not feel compelled to read it all in once sitting, which is a sure sign for me that a book is more than just good. The author wrote a nice mystery and I enjoyed her characters but felt that the story fell a little flat and the final action scene left me unmoved. Overall the author is a good writer but the story felt undeveloped.

The Vision

Author: C.L. Talmadge
Publisher: Healing Stone Books
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I enjoyed this book. The author fully developed the story and the characters and each was completely believable. The surprise at the main character’s heritage was not there but that was okay as there were other surprises in the story that kept my attention. I liked that she, the main character, was honorable and strong but without being masculine. Good job on her physical description as well as mannerisms. I felt she was similar to me in temperament so I could understand where she was going and how she wanted to get there. It was a little confusing at the marriage relations but once I caught on to the Egyptian theme it was much easier. I enjoyed that historical slant to the story. Nice overtones but the author did not beat me about the head and shoulders with the nuances that filled out the characters and story. I look forward to book two in the series.