Fallen (The Coyote Moon Series: Book One)

Author: Ann Simko
Publisher: Lyrical Press, Incorporated
Buy Link: http://www.lyricalpress.com

Review: I really enjoyed this book of intrigue. Ann Simko began the story with action and actually brought my heart to my throat a couple of times. She was able to invoke emotions from me as I read this tale of military and government deception and the heroes who set it right. Overall, this is a good book that I couldn’t put down until it finished. Since this is book one in the series I hope to see the characters, Dr. Dakota Thomas and ex- military/spy/badass brother Montana Thomas, again in another suspense filled adventure.


Killer Queen

Author: Heather McAlendin
Publisher: Eternal Press
Buy Link: http://www.eternalpress.ca

I enjoyed reading Killer Queen as it was a quick modern vampire story. The prologue set the tone for the story to be told of the new vampire queen. The book was fun and full of intrigue. McAlendin wove a nice weave through the hearts and minds of old meeting new when the new age vampire wants to do away with the old traditions. The queen must kill the one she once loved and find the one true love while protecting both human and vampire worlds. The author adds a little twist toward the end which could even warm a vampire’s heart.

Gardening – Better Late Than Never

Good grief! I am so behind in my garden this year. Allergy season has kicked my butt. I was able to get compost into three of the raised beds. Hopefully this week will allow me to get more done. I plan to buy some straw bales to put into the beds as well, hopefully to block the weeds and promote more composting within the gardens themselves. Lasagna gardening to help my soil become more nutritious. This is just day one.