$20 Per Gallon: How the Inevitable Rise in the Price of Gasoline Will Change Our Lives for the Better

Author: Christopher Steiner
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Buy Link: http://www.HachetteBookGroup.com

Christopher Steiner does an impeccable job describing how the cost of gasoline has impacted how we function. He uses the past gas hikes as his basis for analysis and predictions of how we will respond in the future. Not only does he describe how we as individuals behave when gas prices skyrocket but also includes how businesses have behaved in the past and how he believes they will behave in the future. I think all consumers of oil should read this book in order to prepare for the inevitable rise in gas prices and oil shortages. The author covers change with each two dollar increment as he foresees them to be. He covers the good as well as the bad changes in how we view energy to how we use energy. Will we pay twenty dollars per gallon of gas? Possibly, but Steiner wants the reader to know the ever rising cost of oil is not a bad thing. The rising cost will bring about change in what energy production will include. Companies will respond by creating alternatives, consumers will demand alternatives, government will push for alternatives, and eventually they will come about. As we watch prices climb we need to begin now looking for and creating those alternative sources of energy.


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