It is so easy to hide behind your work. I suppose that is why I enjoy fiction so much!

Maxine Owen

As many of you know, when I first wrote and published my first book, My Remembrance, I changed all of the names and much of the identifying information of the people mentioned within. I also listed it as fiction.

You may be inclined to ask “Why?” The answer is simple. I did it because I was a big chicken.

That sounds rather simplistic, but sometimes things get boiled down to the most basic of human instincts. I wanted to protect myself.

I visualized retribution from some of the people that I had talked about. I pictured my step-father showing up on my doorstep with a gun and a point to make. I pictured my ex-husband trying to sue me, even if everything that I said was the truth, which it was.

Those fears held me, and my book, back. I didn’t advertise it as widely as I might have with…

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