I Have A Dream…

Scott Hill Cemetery sign, Onancock

Scott Hill Cemetery sign, Onancock (Photo credit: Joel Abroad)


Kerr Place

Kerr Place (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


GardenART, Onancock

GardenART, Onancock (Photo credit: Joel Abroad)


English: designating the town of Onancock. Thi...

English: designating the town of Onancock. This marker is located on the west side of (Lankford Highway) about 75 feet north of West Main Street in Accomack County, between mile markers 112 and 113 near Onancock. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


No, I am not quoting the late Martin Luther King, Jr. I DO have a dream. I have just fallen in love with this little town I am visiting and would love to move here. Unfortunately, there are no jobs to be had in the town and few outside the town.

Onancock, Virginia is a very quaint town. If you have been to Bar Harbor, Maine … well, it is less touristy and a bit smaller, but very similar. Castine, Maine is how it feels. Just a southern coastal feel to town. Friendly people. Quiet but not too much so. Nearly perfect for where I want to grow old and maybe enjoy while I am still young. Okay…young-ish.

First part of the dream – a job. Then, a house. Then … a big garden so I can start my own market! Yep, that is the dream, to have a large enough garden to pay for myself and my family.


There are houses here needing renovations and which have property enough for a garden. I have to save up 50K to purchase the house and another 50K to make renovations inside. Anyone have about 100K laying about with nothing better to do? I can put it to use!! Too bad I have to have that full time job to go with my dream! Oh, well. More work = faster toward my dream.


Have a lovely post 4th of July week while I slave away (not really) over the lovely historical documents donated to the historical society (Eastern Shore of Virginia Historical Society). I am having fun working on the collection. The artifacts and documents are very interesting and I am keeping busy.





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