Still gone….

Kerr Place

Kerr Place (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

not fishing. 🙂

I am still in the little bay side town of Onancock, Virginia. I am really enjoying the flow here. It has been enjoyable just hanging around after I finish working on the archives. Yesterday, while it was raining – just a shower really, I walked to the convenient store to see what they stocked on their shelves and to the Market Street Grill for dinner. It was nice because the main street in town, Market Street, is only two lanes and no lights. Really, I am loving it. To and from the restaurant was 1.4 miles. It was nice to have a little walk after dinner.

The Market Street Grill is the farthest from where I am staying. My husband comes in town tonight and we are hanging out “down town” to enjoy the festivities. It is a nice friendly town. I would not mind retiring here. I say retire because there aren’t any jobs. The school district is huge but no openings. The town has openings but nothing I am qualified to do and the next town up only has deli and fast food jobs available. Good that everyone is either working or retire here. Bad because there are no jobs.

So, retirement it shall have to be. I’m okay with that.


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