New Adult Books

“New Adult” What the heck is that!? The genre is not necessary. If you are an adult, read what you want, who cares if it is YA or adult!

Seeking Sanctuary At World's End

New Adult is a new genre created to bridge the “gap” between Young Adult and Adult genres.

Many feel that this new genre is unnecessary and, to be honest, I agree.  I find it’s just one more label and may not be the best place for novels.

At first, I was excited because I feel a little like my writing falls in the middle.  I prefer my characters to be out of high school but young.  Just seems to be the age group I like to write about – that 20 something.

New Adult also allows for more risqué writing.  While I’m not a prude or anything, I find myself drawn to Young Adult books because the story is not congested with sex and other “adult” themes.

Honestly, I don’t know if it’s just the books I’ve been picking or if there is a trend to move towards the risqué…

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Ever Wonder?


Did you ever wonder what happened to the book you read when you were a kid?

You know, the ones that were full of Rumplestiltskinadventure and mystery? The ones that were full of real romance and fantasy? Those books that made us fall in love with history and sci-fi?

Well, they are back. Not the ones we read way back then but new modern books that can make you enjoy fantastical battles, solve great mysteries and fall in love all over again. Where, you ask?  Here! Well, not here, but at! What’s better? A 99-Cent Back to School Event! On September 13th, yes, Friday the 13th, the authors on will be offering numerous books for 99 cents each from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other vendors and in various formats.

At you will find children’s, YA (young adult), and adult literature. Various genre to choose from: fantasy, romance, historical, Christian, LDS, and more.  Join us at!!

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