Clean Author Sale

wintersaleWhat is a clean author you ask? A clean author is one who does not use inappropriate language (swearing), gratuitous violence, sex, or horror to sell a good story.

There are many books we read as children that did not have one sex scene or four letter word and we still loved them. As adults we read classics that only had a four letter word or two in the entire book and was there for effect, not just to “be gritty.”

I remember my elementary aged daughter asking me why authors put bad words in book she could read. I told her that some authors think kids speak that way, her response? “But, we don’t.” Nope. Me neither. If a four letter word comes out of my mouth, there is usually a good reason for it but just because I say it once in a while doesn’t mean I should integrate it into my daily vocabulary.

There are some great “new” authors out there writing for children, YA, and adults who have chosen to ‘keep it clean’ and let the books speak for themselves. Here is a link to get you to their sites to read more about them: