Haters and Racists

I am dumbfounded at the lack of maturity and ignorance of our nation. In the past year, I have been called both a racist and a hater because I had a different opinion from those around me.

Since when does having a different view make a person racist or a hater? I could understand if I was actually  saying that people of a different race were inferior to mine or others, but I didn’t. I stated facts, not an affirmation of the result of those facts. Just facts in evidence that had nothing to do with race or ethnicity.

For those who do not know me, let me give you a little background. I am “white” by all standards. Blonde and blue-eyed even. However, members of my family are not. Members if my family have married Americans of Hispanic and African descent. They are my family. My husbands family is a hodgepodge of German, French, Filipino, and Korean descent. My familial line is French and European mix, including a Levite strain. So, pretty ridiculous to accuse me of racism.

Now onto the “hater” accusation. Well, I just don’t. Hate, that is. I may not like a person’s actions. I may disagree with his or her politics, religion, outlook on life in general, but I do not “hate” them. The notion is so absurd to assume disagreement equals hatred. It is ignorant and juvenile. It makes me disheartened to think our society has lost what the civil rights movement fought for, civil discourse and the ability to disagree amicably.

To top it off, the individuals calling me a hater have actually exposed themselves as haters by name calling and assuming I am of a particular political persuasion. We all know about assumptions. When we assume we know something about someone we are bound to be wrong. I feel bad that this person who responded to my post immediately assumed to know my motivation. Absurd. Completely ridiculous. This person is not even an acquaintance and not remotely aware of who I am, has judged me, and found me guilty without evidence.

Please, restore my faith in humanity. Is it possible to discuss differences without name calling and anger?



Today I decided to write about commuting because I spend about an hour a day traveling to work and an hour a day traveling from work. It literally takes me 1 hour from my doorstep to the front of the school building. Now, that all of that is not driving in traffic; some of that is sitting on a ferry looking at a beautiful surroundings. So, it’s hard when people ask if i mind riding the ferry because  the answer is yes, sometimes, when the weather’s bad, when it’s cold, when it’s still dark out, when I miss the ferry and have to wait for the next one.

But it’s also sometimes very nice. When the sun is shining as I’m crossing the ferry to go to work in the morning it wakes me up it lets me see the beauty around me. For example, the eagles I saw flying this morning and perched by the ferry or when I’ve had a really stressful day and I need to compose myself before getting home. I create a little decompression chamber inside my van.

I have been able to take many pictures along the fairy pictures of the water pictures of boats pictures of birds flying swimming catching fish. It can be very enjoyable to see what God has provided us to view and enjoy.

However, I get up at 5 o’clock every morning of the week and I really would like to sleep in or take that hour and go to the gym, but that’s not an option when you ride a ferry to and from work. From the Jamestown side I can catch the ferry every 30 minutes or so but from the Surry side it gets a bit tougher after 8 PM. You’re probably asking yourself why I’m driving with ferree after 8 o’clock at night when I’m a teacher. Well that’s pretty simple actually. As a teacher I’m required to stay after school and do work. Sometimes preparing for the next day, sometimes preparing for special events, sometimes holding special events, and sometimes I’m actually after school teaching. We have a tutoring program that runs Tuesdays and Thursdays after school, but that usually gets me home by 6:30 or 7 o’clock I also teach adult education which gets me home by 10 o’clock at night because on the Surry side, the ferry stops running every half hour and only runs on the hour.

I have been stuck on the serious side for an hour waiting. Which pretty much stinks because everything in Surrey closes before 10 o’clock at night and most nights before 9 o’clock. So if you’re stuck over there the only place you can get anything to eat is the 7-Eleven and to do that you have to turn around or back up on the ferry ramp and travel back to the one little stoplight in the center of town. There aren’t many options as to what to eat at a 7-Eleven.

I have learned to have snacks in my van at all times and plenty of water and a blanket. Sometimes you need to take a nap while you wait.

Well, we’re getting ready to dock in Surry and I have to travel nother 15 minutes to work. It’s now about seven o’clock, so I need to drink my tea and get ready for my day, goodbye everyone!

Baby Eagles

I’m not really sure what they be Eagles are called but I didn’t see these three sitting on the bridge on the way to the ferry this morning.


I stopped for their way and took a couple of pictures because I wasn’t sure they would let me get even this close.

There were two more flying above us but I couldn’t tell if it was mom and dad or a couple more siblings. Either way it was a glorious thing to behold.

For more information about the American bald eagle you can go to this website: http://www.baldeagleinfo.com




“Disney is Ruining My Kid”


I have stolen this article title. I admit it. I stole it because I have heard numerous parents and grandparents say something similar. They can no longer trust the Disney Channel to have upright, safe, moral programs for their children.

The mom who wrote the article was shocked to see her child’s behavior changing from a sweet respectful and caring child to a spoiled brat who was rude and hurtful to those around her. When she asked her daughter where she learned to say the things she was saying and do the things she was doing, her daughter replied “Disney Channel” shows. So the mom decided to spend the day watching her daughter’s programs. She was shocked at the rudeness and crudeness of the main characters. She was distressed to see that bullying and hurtful words were met with laughter (canned no doubt). All the things she worked so hard to teach her child not to do were being undone by the child-friendly, “wholesome” Disney Corporation. In the Disney world, smart is bad, beautiful is good. Sneaky, contrived, manipulating scenarios are funny.

I have noticed a new trend in Disney as well; stupid parents. Yep, usually Dad is the more moronic, Luddite-like, buffoon. Mom is marginally better, always overly-motherly and concerned for her child. Dad is usually depicted as either overly laid-back or overly protective of his daughter’s honor. Children are down-right disrespectful of their parents and other adults.

Another issue I have with these shows: there is an overly smart child who is dorky and usually does not fit into the “in-crowd” and the dumber child is cool. Oh, and everyone is okay with the lesser intelligent child being an underachiever because he/she is attractive and cool.

Disney is beginning to support the breakdown of the family unit. When children come off cooler and more intelligent than parents and are always teaching their parents lessons, we have a problem. To be fair, Disney is not the only perpetrator of this genre of entertainment. I see it nearly every children’s and teen’s entertainment today. TV, movies, music, and literature. Parents are clueless and idiotic. Kids are smarter, prettier, cleverer than the parents.

Where is The Cosby Show when we need it?