Baby Eagles

I’m not really sure what they be Eagles are called but I didn’t see these three sitting on the bridge on the way to the ferry this morning.


I stopped for their way and took a couple of pictures because I wasn’t sure they would let me get even this close.

There were two more flying above us but I couldn’t tell if it was mom and dad or a couple more siblings. Either way it was a glorious thing to behold.

For more information about the American bald eagle you can go to this website:





2 thoughts on “Baby Eagles

  1. More today. Look how close I am in my car! It freaks me out that they do not fear my minivan and they are eating out of the trashcan at the Jamestown Beach picnic area.

  2. Oh my!!!! There are about 15 of them sitting on the picnic table and boat ramp area!! Amazing! I wish I could have snapped a picture!!!

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