Haters and Racists

I am dumbfounded at the lack of maturity and ignorance of our nation. In the past year, I have been called both a racist and a hater because I had a different opinion from those around me.

Since when does having a different view make a person racist or a hater? I could understand if I was actually  saying that people of a different race were inferior to mine or others, but I didn’t. I stated facts, not an affirmation of the result of those facts. Just facts in evidence that had nothing to do with race or ethnicity.

For those who do not know me, let me give you a little background. I am “white” by all standards. Blonde and blue-eyed even. However, members of my family are not. Members if my family have married Americans of Hispanic and African descent. They are my family. My husbands family is a hodgepodge of German, French, Filipino, and Korean descent. My familial line is French and European mix, including a Levite strain. So, pretty ridiculous to accuse me of racism.

Now onto the “hater” accusation. Well, I just don’t. Hate, that is. I may not like a person’s actions. I may disagree with his or her politics, religion, outlook on life in general, but I do not “hate” them. The notion is so absurd to assume disagreement equals hatred. It is ignorant and juvenile. It makes me disheartened to think our society has lost what the civil rights movement fought for, civil discourse and the ability to disagree amicably.

To top it off, the individuals calling me a hater have actually exposed themselves as haters by name calling and assuming I am of a particular political persuasion. We all know about assumptions. When we assume we know something about someone we are bound to be wrong. I feel bad that this person who responded to my post immediately assumed to know my motivation. Absurd. Completely ridiculous. This person is not even an acquaintance and not remotely aware of who I am, has judged me, and found me guilty without evidence.

Please, restore my faith in humanity. Is it possible to discuss differences without name calling and anger?


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