Dr Hyman wants you to be Pegan. Here’s why.

Food: A Love Story

Sometimes I invite a guest blogger to write for my blog, and once in a while I interview someone for a post. But one thing I’ve never done is reblog. I do share  – all over social media. I share like crazy. I love to celebrate any individual’s wisdom, creativity, and commitment to health ~ and to support conscious community wherever possible. I’ve just never picked up an entire article and shared it here on my blog. 

Until now. All of a sudden now I am sharing a recent article by Dr. Mark Hyman. Here’s why: When people ask me how I eat, Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, what? My answer has long been, “Ayurvedically.” By that I mean, responding to our changing needs according to age, season, circumstance, on a case by case basis. Overall, though, my focus is: no sugar, no processed, high protein, high fiber, healthy fats, whole…

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Interactive Notebooks

Wonderful information!

New Teacher Resources

Interactive notebooks are research-based and proven to increase student achievement. While my personal experience with them is in high school English literature, they apply to any content area and can be easily adapted to lower grade levels. Please see below for research and other resources.

When I first used this idea for literature, I created an example to share with my students. I shared it, however, by using the document camera and not zooming in close enough for them to copy my summaries, questions, and predictions. Having the example made it much easier for them to understand what was expected of them.

One of the things I most like about the interactive notebook is that it lends itself so easily to differentiation. The students are able to make choices as to how they will interact with the literature; yet, it also provides specifics for them to follow, preventing the project…

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