The Last of the Baby Boomers and Kevin Costner

So, I turned 50 this year and have embraced the number. After all, that is all it is, right? I have never really cared about my age after 21, for obvious reasons. When I turned 18, the state changed its legal drinking age to 19. At 19 they went to 21, but it never mattered because I never was carded by the doorman. I always looked older than my actual years, until I turned 21 that is. After 21 I was carded at the grocery store buying a bottle of Asti Spumante! At first, I was in a huff, I was over 21!

At 50, I give the clerk a hard time for NOT carding me! Oh, the irony.

When my school principal announced to the school that I was a birthday girl my students sang Happy Birthday with the change of each class. As a school library teacher I see multiple classes throughout the day. Usually, they sing me the song and the inevitable happens; a student asks if I am really 21. The running joke is when we have a birthday announced for a staff member, we are all 21. I am a very honest person in regards to my age as it never fazed me one way or another. So, they asked and I ask them to guess. In years past students have guessed 21 to 36 and I have smiled, vainly patting myself on the back and thanking my mother’s DNA. This year the guesses were markedly higher but still under the actual number I proudly carry.

Finally, I reveal my age and a new inevitable has taken place. Instead of saying, “Wow, you don’t look that old!” my students are now saying, “Wow, you’re the same age as my grandma!”

Grandma? Grandma? What? Where? When??

I realize I did not start birthing babies at a tender age but really, grandmas are 50 now?! These kids are 8 or 9 years old! Really? My child is 22 and she is much too young to be married or providing me with grandchildren! What is wrong with these people!

Sure, now I need glasses sometimes and my arms are not always long enough to read the diminutive writing on the sides of bottles and boxes, but grandma age?  I have a few aches and pains but that is associated with Lyme Disease NOT age, really!

You may be wondering why Kevin Costner is in my title, yes? Well, Mr. Costner is gracing the cover of my husband’s AARP magazine (he is old and can have a subscription). Not only is Kevin’s gorgeous mug on the cover but John Stamos is featured. Like, really? When did he get old enough to be in AARP Magazine? Who else has gotten old all-of-a-sudden-like?

This made me curious. Who else turned the big 5-0 this year with me and a couple of my long time girlfriends?

Nicholas Cage, for one, but he looks like he has a few more miles on him than I do, right? Penelope Ann Miller, do I even remember who she is? Mariska Hargitay is looking pretty awesome! Bridget Fonda, Laura Linney, Glenn Beck (really?), Christopher Eccleston, Matt Damon & Rob Lowe (still looking good), Elle Macpherson (talk about DNA), Tracy Chapman, Melissa Gilbert, Lenny Kravitz, Gloria Reuben, and s many more. Obviously, 1964 was a very loving year!

I feel like I am in good company; however, my girlfriends at 50 are better than they were at 20. We have great kids, and some grand-kids (not me, of course, I am too young for that).

So I will read my err, my husband’s copy of the old fogy magazine because it is actually pretty cool to be in the same group as Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) and George Lopez.

Proud to be 50 and young enough to enjoy it!

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One thought on “The Last of the Baby Boomers and Kevin Costner

  1. I just have to add a couple more notable 50s: Steve Austin, man does he look awesome at 50; rocker Eddie Vedder; Teri Hatcher (really!); and one very notable that makes the last year of the baby boom even better – The Beatles stepped foot on our soil and took us all by storm.

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