Library Orientation for Kindergarten through Second Grade

Love, live, love what I am seeing on this blog! Great ideas for library classes. Thanks!

Expect the Miraculous


Each year I ponder what to do for the first of the year library orientation.  Once again, it’s a time where you want to talk about procedures, expectations, etc, but I think more and more about what message I really want students to take away.

This year we are fortunate to have author and illustrator Mike Curato coming to visit our school in October.  His book Little Elliot, Big City has so many positive messages for students to start off their year.  I decided to use this book as a conversation starter about problem solving, helping one another, being a good friend, and feeling welcome in such a big place.

As students entered the library, I played the book trailer.

Then, we opened with the story. Little Elliot, Big City has very few words on a page, but the discussions that can blossom from those simple words and powerful illustrations…

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So good I plan to read it again!

So good I plan to read it again! Violet Parker, real estate agent to the departed, cannot get a break. Not only does her boss treat her like a Barbie doll to get sales he pimps her out to the next reality show with Ray along for the ride. As usual, Nat, Doc, and Old Man Harvey are by her side as she rides into another crazy predicament as Coop keeps a cautious eye on her. Perfect in its silliness, amazing in its sultriness, and just enough creepy mystery keeps me coming back for more. Ann Charles is a wonderfully witty writer who makes me laugh out loud and giggle to myself as I turn each page wanting more.