Garcinia Cambogia

Due to metabolic syndrome I have difficulty maintaining an appropriate weight. By appropriate, I mean appropriate for me. In researching Garcinia Cambogia I have found a few studies where it helps with cholesterol numbers (lowering LDL and Triglycerides) and since I am intolerant & allergic to statin drugs this may be an alternative. I am currently using fish oil and flax seed oil to get my levels down a bit, they will never be “normal, so my doc won’t freak out any more!

It seems to help with high blood pressure as well, which I have, so I am going to give it a try. If it helps with two of the issues it might help with other issues.

Metabolic Syndrome



I have just signed up for this program to earn rewards, items, and possibly cash for offering reviews on items available through Amazon. It was fairly painless to fill out the form and choose some free items to review. A couple I was looking at getting on my own and a couple I could use. I did not choose items just because they were free; I wanted to try things I felt I could actually use.

I will post a follow-up after the items come in, I use and review them, and get the points, cash, whatever. I will be posting my reviews here and the link to the Amazon review.

Let’s give it a go and see if it is worth my time and effort.

Why I’ve Stopped Doing Interviews for Yale

Math with Bad Drawings

Last year, I conducted alumni interviews for Yale applicants. It’s an easy gig. You take a smart, ambitious 17-year-old out for hot chocolate, ask them about their life, and then report back to the university, “Yup, this is another great kid.”

I recently got an email asking me to re-enlist. Was I ready for another admissions season?

I checked “No,” mostly because “Aw, hell no” wasn’t an option.

Why my reluctance? No grudge, no beef, no axe to grind. It’s just that the whole admissions process is so spectacularly crazy that participating in it— even in the peripheral role of “alumni interviewer”—feels like having spiders crawling out of my eyeballs.

In the last 15 to 20 years, Yale’s applicant pool has gone from “hypercompetitive” to “a Darwinian dystopia so cutthroat you’d feel guilty even simulating it on a computer, just in case the simulations had emotions.”

I don’t fault the admissions office. For every…

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First Grade Wizard of Oz Meteorologists

Expect the Miraculous

weather (2) - Copy

Our amazing 1st grade team and students have been working on their Wizard of Oz unit.  I love this unit because they weave in so many content standards with Wizard of Oz as their guiding text. A part of this unit is the weather standards from science.  Students have to know various kinds of weather as well as how to dress in that weather.  Since this is a part of what meteorologists do, we decided to try something new this year by looking closely at the role of meteorologists.  The goal was for students to write a weather report for the Wizard of Oz regarding the cyclone and to record the forecast in front of our green screen.

weather (4) - Copy

Students came to the library and we looked at a few videos of meteorologists reporting on severe weather. As we watched, students noticed things about the posture and speech of the meteorologist…

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