Life and so forth…

It is amazing what changes for the better or worse life can bring. Since my last post about Garcinia Cambogia and my weight issues I have been diagnosed with gluten intolerance, removed all gluten and most grains from my diet, and lost nearly 30 pounds.

I am feeling better. Most of my joint pains have dissipated. My ‘bad’ lipids are in the high normal range and my ‘good’ lipids (HDL) is in the mid-high normal range. My stomach issues have nearly gone altogether.

I am trying to eat a ketogenic diet as apposed to high protein diet, which seems to work better. I am still working on getting the ratios right. I did not think it would be hard to get ‘enough’ fat in my diet but I seem to fail daily. :/ I add coconut oil and butter (grass-fed) where I can and still do not get enough. I am not a big fan beef or fish so I have to add good oils where I can. Salad at lunch with an olive oil vinaigrette, nuts, and seeds help. I like chicken but finding skin-on chicken is difficult at times.

We switched to more grass-fed, non-GMO, non-hormone, non-everything foods so I eat the same thing most days. Pea protein smoothies for breakfast (which is fine as it is simple and easy clean-up), salad for lunch, and meat and veg for dinner. Occasionally, we have potatoes or brown rice or brown rice pasta. I try to have as many green vegetables as possible when I eat them. Even my salads are spinach or kale based with romaine lettuce mixed in.

So, I am doing better. Eating-wise, that is.

Stress, well, that is a whole other thing. In the spring my husband and I decided we needed to live closer to my dad and my daughter. My dad is 85 and getting, well, 85. We want to spend as much time with him as possible and take care of him if necessary. My step-mother is 70 but had an injury to her hand that has left her less capable of doing things. We decided it would be easier for us to live closer so I started looking for a job nearer to hi location. No jobs that I was interested in appeared and I really like the comfort of my job, my students are great, and I have developed good friendships with my coworkers. I was not too devastated that a job did not appear by the end of the school year in June.

By the end of June; however, my landlord decided to end our lease – a whole two months early! He gave us five weeks notice to vacate as he wanted to move back into his house. Not our apartment, but the house. He gave notice to the residents in the house as well. 😦 As much of a shock this was as we had not planned to move until the following year, we took the bull by the horns and looked at the city where we would be closer to my dad and my daughter who lives three hours from us. The move would knock an hour off of each trek, either to her or to my dad. This was a gift in some ways and a curse in others.

Financially, the curse. We were not financially prepared to pack, move, and rent a new apartment. Physically, curse and blessing. We are strong and fairly healthy so we could pack and move ourselves with help from our daughter and a friend. The daughter came down a weekend early to go through her stuff and eliminate things she could live without, take some back to her apartment, and repack the rest. Sixteen large tubs dropped to six. WOOT! The move was brutal; however, as the temperatures were in the high 90s the week we moved. Better than this week as we have topped off at 100 for the last couple of days.

We are almost settled. We have to paint out the kitchen. The property management company did not get it done in time for us to move. We have a bed to sleep in and our clothes are nearly all put away. The living room is partially set up and we can sit comfortably.

Update: I went out to check the mail and my neighbor said she was moving out. She gave an excuse I do not believe, but that is her business. What concerns me, as we have just been in our apartment for ten days, is she said the property is in foreclosure. NOT WHAT I WANT TO HEAR! Calling the management company tomorrow to find out what is going on and figure out our future. UGH!

Just gonna’ put it in God’s hands and pray for him to protect us form whatever may come and do what is right for us. If you pray, add us to your please! Thank you.

On to reading and typing a short story my dad wrote nearly 50 years ago.



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