Adult Bullies

This past school year I have seen numerous students bully and be bullied. We work to correct the behavior to no real avail. The problem does not start with the student. The problem begins with the role model. When we call parents about the behavior they attempt to bully us into not punishing their child. This year we have had an adult bully, not a sneaky/sly bully, but an outright, blatant bully in our school. She picks and chooses the ones she wants to terrorize. I was told that she focused on white faculty and staff, this was by a fellow teacher who is of color. She noticed that the bullying was based on race. Why this behavior is allowed by employees, I don’t know. We call SOME students on the carpet for this behavior. Why the double standard?

It appears my recent posts have been about race. Others’ problems with my race. Let us call it what it is, racism. I don’t say reverse racism because I think that is a crap term. Racism isn’t just one race (white) against another (black). Racism is ANY person who believes they are better because of their race and treats other as if they are less based solely on ‘race’. There are so few pure races in the US it seems absolutely absurd to base an opinion on someone solely on the color of their skin or the perception of who they are from the outer package. Please.

Let’s take control of our schools. We have a student code of conduct, let’s use it. We have an employee code of conduct, let’s use it. Too many double standards. Break the rules, pay the consequences. Once we get the adult bullies in line perhaps we can address the student bullies.


I can change my mind, right?

The last time I posted was a year ago after I moved to Richmond, VA. I was not too happy about it as I viewed it as a necessary evil. A year plus later and I have changed my mind. We have acclimated to our neighborhood, and we actually live in a real neighborhood where people wave at you and chat over the fence! Really. It is cool.

Now, there are still drawbacks. Loud, thumping radios in cars as they drive by are my biggest peeve. It is intrusive. Not a fan. My husband and I are very quiet people, not weirdly so but because there are two of us in a small apartment we do not feel the need to shout. We will walk back into the room where the other person is speaking. Okay, another peeve or irritant is my neighbor screaming at her boyfriend/baby daddy for the same reason. It is intrusive. I do not want to know anything about their personal lives or experience their tastes in music. Selfish of me, I know. Get over it. I don’t want to share those things with anyone other than my closest friends and family.

Any who, back to the topic at hand. My neighborhood and my change of view on living here. I guess it isn’t a real change but more of an acceptance of city living. We spent much of the past year exploring venues, breweries, farmers’ markets, and natural area – beaches, parks, battlegrounds that have grown over, etc. We like that there is so much to offer within a 15-20 minute drive from our house.

The downfall became my job. I was getting up at 4:00 AM to work out, shower, dress, finish the morning prep and get out the door and travel an hour plus to work. Yep. Still travelling quite a way to and from work. By the end of the day I was exhausted. I was so tired that I would spend most of Saturday sleeping and therefore missing church and not being a member of my two person relationship. Sunday was housework, prep, lesson plans, and no fun. It was getting old around December break and I had been ride sharing with two coworkers. Ride sharing was fun as the three of us rotated driving to and from work but it had a drawback as well. I am so very allergic to cats and one of  my coworkers has cats. I ended up with bronchitis twice and a lingering respiratory infection through the fall. So I began driving by myself. I wouldn’t get home until 5:00 PM or later. Makes for a flipping long day!

This summer my husband and I decided to explore even more. We discovered a vendor who sells beef chorizo, an international market selling amazing foods we were struggling to find elsewhere, and a great place to purchase staples for less. No, not telling you where. We visited a few nice places, July 4 on the Hofmeier rooftop, Texas Beach, walked the canal and around town, and discovered a a new coffeehouse within a mile so we can walk on nice days.

So, I still like where we live and are looking to purchase a home in the neighborhood. We still walk around the park and speak to our neighbors. The girl upstairs doesn’t fight with her boy toy as much, the kid next door is almost never home and when he is he is fairly quiet, I am not sure from which apartment the pot smell is coming, and life goes on.

Oh, and I don’t have to travel so far any more. I got a job in Richmond and am very excited! So, not so tired at the end of the day and we can do stuff during the week. The first of which was to attend a high school football game, we won! I foresee many more of those in the future.

I may even get to blog more.