Reading “grown-up” books

Janet Evanovich at a book signing at Borders B...

Janet Evanovich at a book signing at Borders Books and Music in Braintree, Massachusetts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am always hesitant to write “adult books” because people raise an eyebrow and I have to explain, “adult books are for grown ups to read, not pornography.”

I have admitted my unhealthy addiction to cozy books but I have to confess that I enjoy quirky ‘girl-kick-butt’ kind of books as well.

Janet Evanovich‘s Stephanie Plum series is one of those quirky series I enjoy reading. Just a bit raunchy but most definitely funny. Stephanie is just a neighborhood girl who needs to pay her bills, have a boyfriend, and visit family on a regular basis. Some crudeness, language, and sexual content included. Stephanie works as a bounty hunter for her somewhat sleazy uncle and teams up with the ex-prostitute file clerk in her office to catch her criminal. The criminals are just as colorful. Stephanie is torn between her mainstream cop boyfriend and her ex-coworker of a darker, shadier past. Mom, Dad, and Grandma round out her family on a regular basis as she tries to be as normal as possible. Not happening.

A photograph of Deadwood in 1876. General view...

Ann Charles’ Deadwood Mysteries series is another quirky series located in the wilds of South Dakota. Violet Parker is a single mom trying to stay afloat as a real estate agent while holding her personal life together as a single mother of two rowdy, rambunctious children. Her son keeps digging things up, literally, and her daughter keeps trying to find her a husband. Neither is she interested in. Living with her artist aunt, Vi is trying to start over in Deadwood. She meets interesting clients and sell houses, or tries to anyway. If the haunted houses of Deadwood didn’t make it hard to sell, the clients may be out to kill her first. The friends she has, girlfriend with questionable morals, and the new friends she makes, client/bodyguard/curmudgeon/ghost-whisperer…well, you get it. They are a motley crew.

I have also started reading new indie-authors who are self publishing. Some of these authors can be found on CleanAuthors and others I have discovered on GoodReads. Take advantage of free reads on Barnes & Noble and Amazon or the 99 cent sales to be found to discover some of these new authors.