“Disney is Ruining My Kid”


I have stolen this article title. I admit it. I stole it because I have heard numerous parents and grandparents say something similar. They can no longer trust the Disney Channel to have upright, safe, moral programs for their children.

The mom who wrote the article was shocked to see her child’s behavior changing from a sweet respectful and caring child to a spoiled brat who was rude and hurtful to those around her. When she asked her daughter where she learned to say the things she was saying and do the things she was doing, her daughter replied “Disney Channel” shows. So the mom decided to spend the day watching her daughter’s programs. She was shocked at the rudeness and crudeness of the main characters. She was distressed to see that bullying and hurtful words were met with laughter (canned no doubt). All the things she worked so hard to teach her child not to do were being undone by the child-friendly, “wholesome” Disney Corporation. In the Disney world, smart is bad, beautiful is good. Sneaky, contrived, manipulating scenarios are funny.

I have noticed a new trend in Disney as well; stupid parents. Yep, usually Dad is the more moronic, Luddite-like, buffoon. Mom is marginally better, always overly-motherly and concerned for her child. Dad is usually depicted as either overly laid-back or overly protective of his daughter’s honor. Children are down-right disrespectful of their parents and other adults.

Another issue I have with these shows: there is an overly smart child who is dorky and usually does not fit into the “in-crowd” and the dumber child is cool. Oh, and everyone is okay with the lesser intelligent child being an underachiever because he/she is attractive and cool.

Disney is beginning to support the breakdown of the family unit. When children come off cooler and more intelligent than parents and are always teaching their parents lessons, we have a problem. To be fair, Disney is not the only perpetrator of this genre of entertainment. I see it nearly every children’s and teen’s entertainment today. TV, movies, music, and literature. Parents are clueless and idiotic. Kids are smarter, prettier, cleverer than the parents.

Where is The Cosby Show when we need it?


My Kid

English: Disney World, Orlando, Florida

English: Disney World, Orlando, Florida (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I must say, I have loved being a mom. I have the most awesome kid in the world! I really do! She went away for a week to Disney for a friend’s wedding. Actually, it was the wedding of her friend’s mother but it was cancelled so they all went to Disney for a week-long vacation. Lucky girl.

Her first visit to Disney was in 2001 for the family honeymoon. She was eight. It was wicked busy and we met with friends for a day of fun. Now, it had been many years since I had been but one day is not enough and we were already exhausted. Her biggest dream was to meet Goofy! Little did she know that Disney would not be a magical place for her. We searched high and low. She met Mickey and Minnie, Pluto and a plethora of other characters, no Goofy. Then, she got separated from us. We were all terrified! She HATED DIsney and never wanted to go back!

Well, it was eight years later when we went back to Disney for a marching band competition/performance. We had a great time and visited EPCOT. We actually went to three different ‘kingdoms’ while we were there. STILL, NO GOOFY!! She was not impressed.

Five years passed and she has spent an entire week at Disney World and she has had an awesome experience. She has ridden all the scary rides. Eaten scrumptious foods at the Brown Derby and Victoria & Alberts. She also ate at the chef’s table and was treated to eleven delectable course including Kobe beef. She saw Gary Sinise eating with his dad. Her waiter knows Samantha Brown personally! SHe was having a great time! But, to top off her visit to the Magic Kingdom, she FINALLY met Goofy and had her picture taken with him! Her vision of Disney has been restored. We even received a postcard in the mail from her! AND SHE MISSED US AND WISHED WE WERE THERE WITH HER!!

Maybe I didn’t do such a bad job after all. SHe still has a little bit of a kid in her. She still wants her mommy and daddy, just not 24-7. My baby is starting grad school next week and we move her into her new apartment in two weeks. We are all moving forward but not too quickly!