Author: Rick Giernoth

Publisher: Champagne Books

Buy Link: http://www.champagnebooks.com

 This was a difficult book for me to begin, which I did numerous times. I have a hard time reading a book if the first chapter does not catch my interest immediately and this one didn’t. The main character, Jack, comes across whiney and paranoid instead of a serious journalist. I am not certain the author intended for his character to be perceived in this manner or not but I found it to be annoying. The paranoid thoughts of this character along with the lack of dialog in the beginning made it difficult for me to stay focused on the story.

There were many redundant sentences, for example: “The doctor’s wife, seeing her husband fall, ran to his side weeping. She held him for the last time. The agent saw the grief on her face and ended her suffering. He shot Lamb’s wife. She never looked away from her husband and took the shot to the side of her head. She fell on top of the doctor, locked in a gruesome embrace.” Completely unnecessary information in this paragraph.

Also, the relationship between the main character and his girlfriend, Kate, appeared to be superficial as she was only mentioned once briefly in the beginning of the story. Not once did the author integrate her into the story so that you could understand the loss Jack felt when she was murdered. It is hard to feel empathy or sympathy. The use of technology attempted to be slick but also fell flat; it felt as though the data was interjected for reader to assume both sides were high tech. The characters and the story came across as being very cliché. Each time I felt interest a scene would take place that was flat or predictable. Perhaps this was not the author’s genre. The ending did not leave me thinking the story had ended, I was not satisfied with any portion of the story because none of the characters became real to me. I was not interested in their cause or them personally.