Love Turns the Tide

Author: Gail Pallotta
Publisher: Awe-Struck Publishing; An imprint of Mundania Press LLC
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Review: Although I really liked the story Gail Pallotta told I felt that she was too unnecessarily detailed. For example, when she referenced certain people, Pallotta would repeat their names as well as an explanation as to who they were. In the paragraph where she identified her main character’s parents by name to the reader and then in a conversation to another character she stated they were her character’s parents and gave their names again. The sentence was uncomfortable to read. Repetitive. She also referenced bible scripture almost as an afterthought in many sentences. Most people who have read the bible remember the lesson but not usually the exact scripture and rarely reference it to themselves in the manner in which she wrote it. It felt uncomfortable to read as it did not flow with the rest of the paragraph. The story of Cammie O’Shea was sweet and thoughtful. I enjoyed her character and how she relied on God for the decisions she had to make and for the strength to make them. Pallotta did a good job of detailing her character’s faith and how that made her stronger individual.


Killer Queen

Author: Heather McAlendin
Publisher: Eternal Press
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I enjoyed reading Killer Queen as it was a quick modern vampire story. The prologue set the tone for the story to be told of the new vampire queen. The book was fun and full of intrigue. McAlendin wove a nice weave through the hearts and minds of old meeting new when the new age vampire wants to do away with the old traditions. The queen must kill the one she once loved and find the one true love while protecting both human and vampire worlds. The author adds a little twist toward the end which could even warm a vampire’s heart.

The Seeking Kiss

Author: Eden Bradley

Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

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A very nice little novella. If you like quick and easy vampire stories, you’ll love this one.  The story of a lost and lonely young woman who finds her place amongst vampires. As with many vampire stories there is intrigue, sensuality, and raw sex. It is not a difficult or strenuous read. I enjoyed the author’s take on how individuals become vampires. It is humane and completely voluntary. The Seeking Kiss is the entrance into their world but some never make it past this step. Nissa found love and acceptance within a family and she found her place in life, so to speak.