I am saddened

I am saddened today by what I have read in the news. I am disheartened by the behaviors of my fellow man. I was not there the night Zimmerman shot Martin. I don’t know what took place and neither do most of us. What I do know is our news media sources are tainted by the drive for sensationalism. In that drive they modified the 911 call and incited a nation to hate someone they don’t even know and “love” another unknown individual.

I know that political entities jumped onto the case without full knowledge of events. I know police officers did their jobs. I know most of what we know isn’t the whole story because those who should know kept it locked down while investigating and prosecuting.

I want to believe that all of those involved, including the jurors, know more than you and me and made the right judgement. I want to believe our system works the way it should.

I am sorry a child lost his life – for any reason. I am sorry his friends and family are in such pain, I cannot even imagine what it would be like to lose my child.

There is something else I know. I know we must put race behind us and accept others based on their behavior not their skin. My daughter grew up in a neighborhood where most of our neighbors were not “white” or American by birth. She played with children who were born in Africa, Japan, Pakistan and South Korea ,as well as, the US. They were just children, like her. When a new family moved in next to one of our friends and began mistreating them, my daughter came home crying. Thanks to that person I had to explain racism to my eight year old. Thanks for that. She did not get it then and she does not get it now at twenty one. You know what? I don’t get it.

I am a Euro-Afro-Asian-American mutt. I was born here. My dad’s people came over in 1732. He immediately became a trader with native Americans. His people never owned slaves. Many were abolitionist. My grandfather was a sharecropper. And yes, we are from the southern part of the US; Georgia, Mississippi, Florida and Texas. We still don’t care about the color of your skin, just the strength of your character.

My husband has a saying. “Ass-holes come in every color.” True.

We will never be done with racial tension, racism, whatever, until we put it on the back burner.

My question to everyone, regardless of ‘color’: Is the color of your skin the only thing that defines you? Is it the ‘thing’ you want me to use to define you?

I don’t. Because what you see is not always what you get.

Is our president black or white? Yes.

Is Zimmerman white? Depends.

Why should I focus on just one aspect of a person to determine his or her worth? I guess I still don’t get it.

From what I have read on other posts/bloggers many of you don’t get it either. So why are we still here doing the same things we have always done expecting a new result?


Still gone….

Kerr Place

Kerr Place (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

not fishing. 🙂

I am still in the little bay side town of Onancock, Virginia. I am really enjoying the flow here. It has been enjoyable just hanging around after I finish working on the archives. Yesterday, while it was raining – just a shower really, I walked to the convenient store to see what they stocked on their shelves and to the Market Street Grill for dinner. It was nice because the main street in town, Market Street, is only two lanes and no lights. Really, I am loving it. To and from the restaurant was 1.4 miles. It was nice to have a little walk after dinner.

The Market Street Grill is the farthest from where I am staying. My husband comes in town tonight and we are hanging out “down town” to enjoy the festivities. It is a nice friendly town. I would not mind retiring here. I say retire because there aren’t any jobs. The school district is huge but no openings. The town has openings but nothing I am qualified to do and the next town up only has deli and fast food jobs available. Good that everyone is either working or retire here. Bad because there are no jobs.

So, retirement it shall have to be. I’m okay with that.


I Have A Dream…

Scott Hill Cemetery sign, Onancock

Scott Hill Cemetery sign, Onancock (Photo credit: Joel Abroad)


Kerr Place

Kerr Place (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


GardenART, Onancock

GardenART, Onancock (Photo credit: Joel Abroad)


English: designating the town of Onancock. Thi...

English: designating the town of Onancock. This marker is located on the west side of (Lankford Highway) about 75 feet north of West Main Street in Accomack County, between mile markers 112 and 113 near Onancock. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


No, I am not quoting the late Martin Luther King, Jr. I DO have a dream. I have just fallen in love with this little town I am visiting and would love to move here. Unfortunately, there are no jobs to be had in the town and few outside the town.

Onancock, Virginia is a very quaint town. If you have been to Bar Harbor, Maine … well, it is less touristy and a bit smaller, but very similar. Castine, Maine is how it feels. Just a southern coastal feel to town. Friendly people. Quiet but not too much so. Nearly perfect for where I want to grow old and maybe enjoy while I am still young. Okay…young-ish.

First part of the dream – a job. Then, a house. Then … a big garden so I can start my own market! Yep, that is the dream, to have a large enough garden to pay for myself and my family.


There are houses here needing renovations and which have property enough for a garden. I have to save up 50K to purchase the house and another 50K to make renovations inside. Anyone have about 100K laying about with nothing better to do? I can put it to use!! Too bad I have to have that full time job to go with my dream! Oh, well. More work = faster toward my dream.


Have a lovely post 4th of July week while I slave away (not really) over the lovely historical documents donated to the historical society (Eastern Shore of Virginia Historical Society). I am having fun working on the collection. The artifacts and documents are very interesting and I am keeping busy.




Life isn’t fair

George Mason University

George Mason University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now, I know I am preaching to the choir here, but I just had to reiterate the obvious.

Life has never been easy for me and mine. My family was not born with silver spoons in mouths. My father’s people were share croppers. My mother’s people were laborers. My grandfather (Papa) owned numerous babershops in town until he lost his arm due to cancer. Circumstances – aka The Great Depression – kind of took the fight out of him. My mother worked hard all of her life and she worked hard to take care of us.

She was not educated and so life was especially hard for her. Divorced woman in the 60 – no real options. She tried her best, though. College was not presented to us as an option because Mom hadn’t thought it was very necessary. She was able to work and take care of us with only a 10th grade education. Only one of us actually finished high school. No, not me. I took my GED and got out of school.

My older brother and I started college in our late 20s and early 30s. I stopped and started a few times just to get into the routine of school and working full time when I became pregnant. I did not have a “normal” pregnancy. I wasn’t supposed be able to become pregnant, you see. I was, for all intents and purposes, sterile. Yep, she is my miracle baby! Then, at five months, I found out I had an incompetent cervix – it was too short and too soft and it was torn! After a cerclage (a purse-stitch) I was on bed rest for a bit. THEN, yes indeed, there is more! THEN I went into preterm labor. My miracle baby was born at 27 weeks. Ten weeks later she came home.

Life did not get any easier. She struggled with chronic acute asthma. She caught any virus going around. We spent a lot of time at the doctor’s office and hospital in hear early years. I divorced and moved twice by the time she was a year old. So, I went back to college and received my first bachelor’s degree and started looking for a job. No luck! Who would have thought that graduating from college with a degree is education, in social studies, would not garner a job! Well, the HR directors told me the truth – there are too many people out there with social studies teaching degrees and not enough jobs! Really?

So, even after I finished my second bachelor’s degree in US history, I still could not get a teaching job. I did get a job as a library clerk in the special collections department. So my history degree was helpful! I would not get the higher paying jobs in a library without an MLS so I began working on my master’s degree.

Oh, did I mention I met and married my wonderful husband during all of this? Well, his company transferred us to another state and I had to look for a new job. No teaching jobs available so I subbed from January through June at the local schools. They offered me a substitute job at the high school library for the summer. Then a one year position at the elementary school. I accepted.

My husband lost his job at the same time. No problem, he is an engineer and they always are employable, right? Nope. Not in a small south western town in Virginia. He went back to school and earned his master’s in IT – another highly employable career choice. But not there. We could not seem to catch a break.

The daughter continued to thrive. She was healthier once we found out she had allergies to dairy and refined sugars. She thrived. She did well in school. She ran cross country. She joined marching band and played soccer. She went to Governor’s School and graduated with a 4.3 GPA. She was accepted to all four universities to which she applied.

Golden. Not so fast. Her financial aid package was anemic. We ended up paying 8,000 annually to cover her education. Thankfully, she graduated early because she had earned 52 credits while in high school. Did I forget to mention how smart, and beautiful, and smart my daughter is?

She got a job or three to help with her expenses. She worked over the summers. She did everything right. She graduated early. She won’t even be 21 for a couple more days! Smart, remember? Now she needs a job. She is applying EVERYWHERE! She is applying for every job in the Communications and Journalism industry. She does not care that she has to start at the bottom. She expects to start at the bottom. She would rather not. 🙂


Life isn’t fair and she is learning this the hard way. She has done everything right but it is not coming together for her just yet. We have learned to roll with the punches and move on. She knows life isn’t fair and life isn’t easy. She is just ready to move forward.